Army, LGU settle clan war in Maguindanao

The Philippine Army, with the help of town officials of Rajah Buayan in Maguindanao, has put an end to a long-standing family feud that had claimed lives and destroyed properties in the past.

CLASP OF PEACE. Members of Moro families locked in long-standing clan war have agreed to end the dispute peacefully on Sunday (Dec. 20) with the help of the Army and the local government in Rajah Buayan, Maguindanao. The warring families, whose identities were withheld, vowed to contribute to peace and development in the municipality. (Photo courtesy of 33rd IB)

The Army’s 33rd Infantry Battalion, led by Lt. Colonel Elmer Boongaling, facilitated the covenant signing on Dec. 20 of warring families to end the bloody family feud in Barangay Panadtaban of Rajah Buayan town.

With the help of Mayor Yacob Ampatuan and Vice Mayor Bai Sittie Jinn Princess Lumenda, the Army brought the warring families to the negotiating table and made them sign a peace covenant and swear before the Qur’an that they will no longer use violence to settle their misunderstanding.

“They request that their names be withheld,” Ampatuan said of the families locked in “rido” (family feud) for decades.

“What is important is they buried their misunderstanding and vowed to work together in their village as true brothers and sisters in Islam,” the mayor added.

Boongaling said more settlement programs would take place in the coming days as the Army and the local government of Rajah Buayan prioritized clan war settlement to attain peace and development. (PNA) 

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